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The Day of the Dead

A Mexican celebration of life and departed loved ones. Traditionally people dress up in flamboyant 19th-century costumes wearing face paint resembling colourfully decorated skeletons, with flowers and love hearts.

We are going to do one costume party only and there is going to be prizes for the best dressed. Dress up as anything that you like: Frida, skeleton, wear flowers in your head, etc.

Come and Join us on Thursday 31st of October at 6:45pm. We will have some dance demonstrations and an Piñata!

Don't forget to bring your friends with you.

We will keep you update with this party. See you soon.



Event fee $10 Reserve your ticket. "The Day Of the Dead" - Mt.Albert 12-3049-0424879-52

1 Ticket = $10 2 Tickets = $18 3 Tickets = $25

Kids can come for free!

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